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From Fear to Love??

My recent diagram (below) did not show an arrow from Fear to Love. In my view, it seems extremely unlikely that someone is able, daring and willing to make that jump. Is that move impossible?? In my view, it requires a long detour.

Source: my recent blog Closed versus open

My diagram above represents a cycle of the stages of Doubt, Fear, Hope and Love in Life, including relationships. That cycle is not one-way. Moves are either left-bound or right-bound, with one important exception, albeit in my view. That exception is the highly implausible jump from Fear towards Love.

Fear results in several behavioural responses in animals and in humans: fight, flight, freeze or fawn (see Wikipedia). The Fear stage in my diagram above resembles the freeze response. Hence, closed behaviour. However, the flight response is not uncommon. To some extent, the fawn response resembles submission.

The long detour, as mentioned above, is the following one: from Fear towards Doubt towards Hope towards Love. That detour may take (many) years. A detour of months – or weeks – may not be a lasting one. In my view, each jump requires faith, belief and willpower in that behavioural Change.

Fear and Love (1998) by Morcheeba
band, lyrics, video, Wiki-band, Wiki-album+song

We always have a choice
Or at least I think we do
We can always use our voice
I thought this to be true
We can live in fear
Extend our selves to love
We can fall below
Or lift our selves above

Fear can stop you loving
Love can stop your fear
Fear can stop you loving
But it’s not always that clear

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