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Closed versus open

Last Tuesday, I had a sudden burst of inspiration, while trying to take an afternoon nap. My nap lost, and my inspiration won. The resulting diagram (below) is probably the one that failed to materialise during the past several months. Finally, a certain situation is making sense to me.

Most of the time, I’m in the right upper corner of my diagram above (ie, Hope). In 2012, I was in the right lower corner for a very brief period (ie, Love). After that brief period, I migrated to the left lower corner (ie, Fear). In her case, I’m still in the left upper corner (ie, Doubt).

My former girlfriend is in the left lower corner (ie, Fear). She always keeps her emotions to herself (ie, closed). It has been nearly impossible (for me) to reach her. After two years, she recently revealed that she loves me. Her words didn’t impress me. Her deeds did not, and do not, support her words.

My position in the right upper corner (ie, Hope) may explain why I’m still alone. Women may well prefer emotionally open men rather than rationally open men. A rationally open man may prefer his solitude, while an emotionally open man would experience loneliness.

Women are really emotional creatures, and men are kind of closed in terms of emotions. I think women are just a lot more out there.

A quote by male American writer, director and producer Darren Star (b.1961)

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