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When the Past is unknown, the Present and Future become relevant

My title above just entered my mind. That title might also be the reason why the human species is not really interested in its distant past. Our history seems restricted to its last 7,000 years. Anything that happened before the great flood (c.20,000-c.7,000 years ago) appears to have been lost “forever”.

Perhaps, our ignorance towards our distant past has a remarkable upside: a clean slate. On an individual or micro level, our past often has repercussions on our future. I suppose that same principle may also apply on a macro level (eg, society, planet, Universe).

The Why is interesting: the human species does not like Change. Many of us even “hate” changes. We prefer life as we know it. Somehow, I doubt that the Technological Revolution of 1800-2100 could have happened if and when the Past would still rule us “today”

To paraphrase the above: our ignorance towards our Past has enabled us to focus on our Future. Science, Technology and urbanisation have all played fundamental roles in (re-) shaping our future.

The Amish people are an example of “modern” people, who are stuck to their past and refuse to embrace changes (eg, technology). I suppose each territory has similar kind of people (eg, Amazonian tribes, Baduy tribe, Bedouins, Hutterites, Maasai people). We could call them Luddites.

In my view, it’s likely that this schism between Past and Future will also affect the future citizens on Planet Earth. The “Luddites” will not embrace space travel and will remain on planet Earth.

“Orthodoxy is the departure lounge for irrelevance.”

A quote by American writer Stewart Stafford

Past, Present and Future (1966) by The Shangri-Las
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