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When is our life completed?

Since several weeks, a Dutch organisation is using radio commercials to gain (financial) support for changing our laws on completed lives. The issue of completed lives is one of our last taboos. It’s weird that we are allowed to kill our pets, while we are not allowed to show mercy to humans.

During my 2013 burnout, I did consider ending my own life. I did not have the guts. I fail to understand those who have. I suppose they misinterpret the voice in their head suggesting to stop living. I only understood the source of that voice as a result of divine intervention; also see the 2005 film Constantine.

Ever since that 2013 intervention, I know and understand that my life is far from completed. However, that 2013 moment does make me understand when others claim that their life is completed. In some situations, I cannot and will not contradict their view when their view feels fair.

In 2016, Joan asked me if I gave my blessing to her (scheduled) euthanasia. My blessing was important to her. I failed to see any argument for not giving my blessing. She was relieved hearing my answer. She would never have agreed that her life was over. Only her disease disagreed.

About 2017, my then-neighbour (b.1920) started complaining to me that she was still alive, while all her friends and siblings had already deceased. As far as I recall, she did not argue that her life was complete. I understood because she had several hobbies, like listening to audiobooks.

So, when is our life completed ??

I suppose it’s all about Faith, Hope & Love. In the absence of that entire triangle your life will feel completed. There is no reference to our ageing. Hence, we may feel a completed life at any moment during our lives. Nevertheless, that feeling is more likely to occur at a later age.

“I will not relinquish old age, if it leaves my better part intact. But, if it begins to shake my mind, if it destroys its faculties one by one, if it leaves me not life but breath, I will depart from the putrid or tottering edifice. If I must suffer without hope or relief, I will depart, not through fear of the pain itself, but because it prevents all for which I would live.” 

A translated quote by Seneca (c.4 BC – AD 65), a Roman statesman. See sources: NIH-2004 and 2016 thesis, page 3.

Faith Hope Love Repeat (2017) by Brandon Heath
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