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The Dutch anti-woke backlash

Many international articles and Dutch liberal-left articles claim that the Dutch far-right has won. Those articles are wrong. If anything, there has been a Dutch anti-woke backlash. Most of all, against the four governments headed by Mark Rutte over the period 2010-2023.

The winner is an extreme nationalist party, which has left-wing policies (eg, better healthcare), populist anti-Islam policies, and nationalist policies which are anti-EU and anti-Ukraine, and/but which are not pro-Russia. Hence, labelling Geert Wilders is indeed a challenge.

Usually, the Netherlands has majority coalition governments, which have at least 76 of the 150 seats in Parliament. The 37 seats of Geert Wilders require an additional 39 seats by other parties, like Rutte’s party (24). Most likely two other parties will join (27 seats).

It’s extremely unlikely that Wilders is able to realise a nationalist government, let alone extreme. Geert Wilders knows that he must bring moderate views to his negotiations (eg, FT and De Standaard). Nevertheless, that government will bring an anti-woke backlash (eg, anti-green).

Mark Rutte’s female Kurdish successor was right in her campaign: “we” need to listen better to our voters. Rutte’s party neglected that for many years. Moreover, his green-liberal-left coalition partner annoyed many voters with its woke opinions. The backlash started in the 2023 Dutch Senate election.

Most likely, farmers will benefit from the anti-woke backlash, as well as hospitals and residential building companies, and (petrol) car drivers (eg, Telegraaf). Most likely, green-liberal-left cities, like Amsterdam, will feel this anti-woke backlash (eg, Parool).

The European Union will worry most (eg, FT, Politico, TIME). To compensate for that, Mark Rutte will (probably) succeed Jens Stoltenberg as head of NATO. Rutte’s new job will bring (frequent) meetings between Rutte and Wilders, on behalf of globalist institutions, like EU and NATO.

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Try that in a small town

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