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If you appoint monkeys then you get peanuts

I’ve published two blogs entitled If you pay peanuts then you get monkeys (ie, 2023-02 and 2023-07). After some consideration, that title would not have applied in this specific case because EU officials are well-paid.

I’ve always wondered why the EU appoints light-weight politicians in senior jobs. Most likely, it’s about retaining Power by the heavy-weight national politicians. Moreover, indecisiveness in Brussels benefits the power of member-states.

Sometimes, the EU was lucky and their senior officials rose to the challenge in times of crisis. This time, both senior officials keep causing embarrassing situations (eg, Bloomberg, Turkey, Washington).

The fundamental issue is that the EU is not a Federation of member-states, like the United States of America. The EU is a cooperation between 27 member-states, after the 2020 exit of the United Kingdom.

The scheduled enlargement of the EU (possibly by 2030) is bound to increase – if not multiply – its internal conflicts. Moreover, adding Ukraine to the EU would be similar to adding a Trojan Horse.

Given the above, it’s unlikely that the EU will ever become a Federal Republic of European States. Even those continued European crises do not beg for a solution. Apparently, central Power in Brussels is considered worse.

The boat that has two captains, sinks.

An Egyptian proverb

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Bloomberg Brussels Edition: An increasingly embarrassing rift

By: Katharina Rosskopf

Date: 25 October 2023

“Between the mixed messages on the Israel-Hamas conflict and an anticlimactic summit in Washington, the rift between the EU’s top two officials is becoming increasingly embarrassing for the bloc. The froideur between Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and Council head Charles Michel is hampering the union’s effectiveness, we’re told, leaving the bloc flailing at a time when it needs to present a credible front on a growing list of issues from conflicts in Ukraine and Israel to trade and China. On the Middle East, the backlash over von der Leyen’s diplomacy is a reflection of deep splits between the member states over how to approach the conflict. The bloc has worked to unify its message, but the Michel-von der Leyen spat isn’t over. Today, von der Leyen is hosting a big summit on Global Gateway, to which, according to a Michel spokesperson, she didn’t invite her colleague.”

Source: An Internal EU Rift Lays Bare Its Diplomatic Woes


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