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How chatbots can make us dumber (Axios)

Introduction LO:

Several sites require you to use a chatbot to “communicate” (eg, for cancellation of a subscription). These chatbots work best when you’re “rude” and “simple” by using a single word, like “cancellation”.

The more words you use, the less likely it will understand your goal. Entire sentences seem like a nightmare to chatbots. The chatbot will continue claiming that your sentence is not “clear”, despite your rephrasing.

In chatbots, the efficiency of using less words, creates more effectiveness. It’s almost the opposite of human language, in which we use lots of words to conceal our actual goal / message.

Our communication in WhatsApp has a similarity with chatbots: by using less words in our messages, more mistakes will happen in the meaning of our messages. Nuances are necessary for a reason.

Axios title: How chatbots can make us dumber

By: Mike Allen
Date: 29 September 2023

Researchers have demonstrated that knowledge workers significantly degrade the quality of their work by asking OpenAI’s GPT-4 to perform tasks it didn’t train for — then failing to spot “hallucinations” in its answers.

  • Why it matters: AI at work remains a double-edged sword — able to add great value but also able to destroy it when workers use it without coaching, Axios global tech correspondent Ryan Heath writes.

new study of 750+ strategy consultants showed that AI helped them produce better content, more quickly in many tasks. But the consultants were “less likely to produce correct solutions,” because they attempted tasks of similar difficulty which fell outside the AI model’s capabilities.

  • Relying on clichéd GPT-4 outputs reduced the group’s diversity of thought by 41%.

The bottom line: AI can quickly and cheaply increase worker performance. But taking shortcuts with AI training can cause more mistakes.”



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