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More Than 40% of Japanese Women May Never Have Children (Bloomberg)

10 August 2023


Bloomberg: More Than 40% of Japanese Women May Never Have Children
By: Reed Stevenson
Date: 9 August 2023 

“An estimated 42% of adult Japanese women may end up never having children, the Nikkei newspaper reported, citing a soon-to-be-published estimate by a government research group.

In a more optimistic scenario, a quarter of women born in 2005 may end up not having offspring. The midpoint estimate by Japan’s National Institute of Population and Social Security Research calls for a third of them not having children, the newspaper reported Wednesday.

Birthrates are a critical issue for Japan and other countries with rapidly aging populations. The island nation posted the fewest births in its recorded history last year, continuing a seven-year decline. With a smaller workforce and fewer taxpayers to sustain the world’s third-largest economy, Japan has become one of the world’s most indebted countries.

The percentage of childlessness is even higher for men, with as many as 50% never seen having children, according to the report, the Nikkei said. 

–With assistance from Marika Katanuma.”


and Nikkei, 9 August 2023:


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