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LGBT is <4% of population

According to research, some 3.5% of the American people quality as lesbian, gay or bisexual, and an additional 0.2% as transgender (Williams Institute-2011). In total less than 4%. Nevertheless, many news items are about the sexual identity of this small minority. Why??

It’s safe to say that sex sells, a phrase that was once used for sex in advertising and later for the sale of magazines and/or newspapers (eg, page 3 of British tabloid the Sun). Today, sex sells is used in the cycle of click, bait & fight a.k.a. for the inflammation of audiences.

The (very) small number of LGBT people allows certain politicians to use – or: abuse – this group for their political purposes (eg, culture wars). It’s quite unlikely that those people would vote for those political parties. Hence, this issue is an example of my blog topic identity vs Power.

In my view, the LGBT group confuses their identity with having Power. Any group of <4% will never have (majority) Power unless under authoritarian rule (eg, oligarchy). The louder the LGBT voices, the more (political) retaliation. Also see my 2023 blog Loud minorities vs silent majority.

Another reason is human curiosity. Many men are intrigued by female homosexuality (a.k.a. lesbians, threesomes) while rejecting male homosexuality. Apparently, it’s the opposite for heterosexual women (eg, NBC-2018). I have asked several women but they all deny (sic!) that NBC article.

Lastly, our sexual identity is a taboo, even for heterosexuals. The men attacking homosexual men (ie, gay bashing) are – allegedly – often struggling with their own sexual identity (eg, the Conversation-2016, Daily Beast-2017, NIH-1996, Quora-1, Quora-2, Scientific American-2012).

As a heterosexual white man, I should belong to the silent majority. The fact that I write, already disqualifies the silent part. My opinions often differ from the majority. A long time ago, I described myself as a reversebounty. Hence, I might qualify as an unknown minority.

Recently, I learned that the iPhone 14 uses quad pixels. Source: “Quad pixel technology is a way of taking pictures with a digital camera that uses 4 pixels instead of the usual one. This is done by using two color filters in front of the sensor.” Perhaps, we are all quad pixels rather than just pixels.

“The love that exaggerates in displaying itself in public
Is either immature, dead, or dying…”

Excerpt of Silent Messages 2 by Louis Yako. Original poem published in Arabic on December 5, 2022 at

Colour My Love (1984) by Fun Fun
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