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Is it a pity that we have so many opinions??

Recently, I had a conversation about the abundance of opinions. In our past, you had to send your handwritten or typed opinion in a sufficiently stamped envelope to a newspaper that might not even publish it. Since about 20 years, everyone can publish an opinion (eg, Facebook-2004, Twitter-2006).

Hence, my question: Is it a pity that we have so many opinions??

The simple answer is NO. The more opinions, the less relevance.

A more complex answer is yes, perhaps. Once (all) opinions are considered irrelevant then relevant opinions (eg, expert or professional opinions) are also deemed irrelevant. Unfortunately, expert opinions are not always unbiased – to put it mildly. Too often, expert opinions include ideology.

As a result, we seem to be heading towards a society full of subjective truths (ie, opinions), few objective truths (ie, facts), let alone absolute truths. Latter category may not even exist, according to Karl Popper (1902-1994), “[o]ne of the 20th century’s most influential philosophers of science“.

What could go wrong in such a society?? I suppose that we would:

  • lose empathy for what others have to say;
  • stop listening to each other;
  • use vocal – or actualforce to amplify our own opinion(s);
  • compete rather than cooperate with each other.

Actually, most of the above seems already – partly or fully – covered in today’s society.

Source: my 2020 blog

In 2020, I published my blog Needs, Wants & Beliefs in reverse.

In 2023, there’s lots of chaos and/but few signs of a resetting of our priorities and choices that might lead to a new equilibrium.

More and more, I am inclined to believe (sic!) that our beliefs and/or our belief systems will lead to a societal collapse.

The same may have happened to ancient societies, like Aztec (Mexico), Cahokia (St. Louis, USA), Maya (ie, mesoamerica), and Olmec (Mexico).

The forthcoming demographic societal collapse might, however, result in a tipping point.

The once largely dormant labour shortages have become increasingly visible since the “ending” of the Covid-19 pandemic. It may take months for booking a certain (eg, technical) appointment rather than days or weeks. Soonish, there will be a need for artificial intelligent robotics (eg, education).

The (presumed) absence of beliefs and/or our belief systems in artificial intelligent robotics might result in a (collective) human Awakening (see my diagram above).

“Well, opinions are like assholes. Everybody has one.” Harry Callahan, 1988

A quote from The Deadpool (1988), starring Clint Eastwood (b.1930) as “Dirty” Harry Callahan

Is It a Crime? (1985) by Sade
artist, lyrics, video, Wiki-artist, Wiki-song

[Verse 1]
This may come, this may come as some surprise
But I miss you
I could see through all of your lies
But still I miss you

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