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If there’s only 1 God then why has God so many names?

In various blogs, I mentioned the various names of a Supreme Being, like Ahura MazdaAllahGodJupiter, Odin, ShivaYahweh and Zeus. Recently, I wondered: if there’s just 1 God then why has God so many names?? The ultimate answer may well be in Mahatma Gandhi‘s message below.

Scientists have never found any culture without evidence of religious beliefs (eg, SA-2015). Obviously, individual humans may have adopted atheism (eg, University of Cambridge-2016). Atheism and religion are like a shouting match between brothers and sisters: Yes! versus No!

I doubt that anyone will ever be able to prove – without a shadow of a doubt – that God exists. Actually, evidence is quite irrelevant in human beliefs. The essence of any belief (system) is that you know that you do not know and that you believe anyway. Hence, any belief is a known unknown.

In my view, there are plenty of signs that a Supreme Being must exist, like the absence of (continued) chaos, and the beautiful equilibrium that governs the Universe, Nature and Life (eg, blueprint, macro). Chaos is the interval between two equilibriums (macro or micro) and thus temporarily.

Obviously, a negative person or pessimist might argue that Chaos rules between two intervals, called equilibriums. Also see recent Volkskrant article: “Why is one person positive by default and the other negative? The enigmatic interplay between genes and environments” (eg, Nature-2020).

I suppose that optimism and positivity are essential, both in individual, divine Faith and in collective, human-made Religion. Hence, 1 Corinthians 13:13 NIV: “And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.”

Only faith in a Supreme Being can explain the message of Mahatma Gandhi: God has no religion. For any Religion, his message below might well be blasphemous.

Magnificent (She Says) – 2016 – by Elbow
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It’s all gonna be magnificent, she says
It’s all gonna be magnificent

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