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When to get off on a dead-end street

Several of my blogs stated that life is like a roundabout (eg, 2017 and 2023). Sometimes, its exits are a one-way street (my 2023 blog), or even a dead-end street. Marriages and/or relationships show similar exit features (eg, a break-up or divorce). The main question is: when to get off.

The other 5 main questions (ie, HowWhatWhereWhoWhy) have – usually – already been answered before or during those exits. In my marriage, it took me 10 years to answer the When question. I asked various friends how they decided about the when. They all said you will know when. Indeed, I did.

Source: my 2020 blog

The why is about Body, Mind & Soul, or the absence of desire (body), and/or friendship (mind), and/or love (soul).

Initially, hate may take over from love, but the real opposite of love is indifference; not hate (my 2021 blog).

The why is probably the first question to be answered because everything follows Why.

The when question poses several dilemmas (eg, children, house, money, new partner).

Hence, we often opt to delay our decision a.k.a. procrastination.

Many people assume that procrastination is a bad thing. I disagree. Procrastination results in a solid decision; not a spur of the moment decision that you will regret soon after. Procrastination will cover every shadow of doubt in your mind. As a result, your decision will be irreversible.

I suppose that I should trust the advice that I once received: you will know when to get off once you are on a dead-end street.

“The mind can’t delete what the heart won’t let go of.”

A quote from Stop the World and Get Off by author Peggy Toney Horton

Get Off (1978) by Foxy
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