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“The enemy of a woman is a woman”

My title is the reply I received after sharing some local Kenyan information (eg, CNN, Telegraaf). I had scanned that article and assumed the manager was a male. She pointed out that I was wrong. The manager was a female. Hence, her reply to me: “The enemy of a woman is a woman”.

My friend claims that “it’s a known fact“. I added: “and an opinion as well”. She replied: “it is the truth. All women are aware of this.” Indeed, many articles support her view: Facebook, Guardian, LasVolta, Momspresso, OdishaBytes, Quora, An article in womensweb also agrees but blames men.

Actually, I’ve always suspected the above following my work experiences. Hence, quite often, women prefer working with men. The reason is surprisingly simple: less drama. In any group of women, there’s lots of drama (eg, harsh personal remarks). I used to avoid such groups when tensions were high.

Something similar applies to men. However, there is an essential difference: men know and accept that they must cooperate (eg, in sports, study, at work), while women fight as they are in an eternal competition (eg, with each other, about men, with men).

I suppose this difference between competition (for women) and cooperation (for men) results from a difference in parenting: boys must “play together” (eg, kc-parent), while girls must be “nice” (eg, Today’s Parent). In my view, this behaviour is 100% nurture and zero % nature.

Perhaps, this parenting difference has resulted in girls & women to be smarter than boys & men. Girls & women always seem to get what they want, in particular by acting “nice”. Usually, boys & men cooperate with their requests. I doubt boys & men realise when they’re being manipulated by girls & women.

Quite possibly, women thus realize when other women are “nice” while actually being devious and/or malicious.

“The most strongest, the most powerful, the most dangerous creature on this whole earth is a woman who knows how to think. Ain’t nothing she can’t do.”

A quote from the 2021 film King Richard, featuring Will Smith as the father of Serena and Venus Williams

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