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When a friendship or a relationship is over, a new type of relation may emerge: the frenemy. Sometimes, it may still look like the friendship – or relationship – it once was. Usually, indifference is leading. The former is a micro example. China and Russia are a macro example; see my 2019 blog.

Frenemy” (also spelled “frienemy“) is an oxymoron and a portmanteau of “friend” and “enemy” that refers to “a person with whom one is friendly, despite a fundamental dislike or rivalry” or “a person who combines the characteristics of a friend and an enemy”.


What keeps those parties entangled? And how and why?

My 2021 diagram may display the cycle from friendship towards relationship, and ending in indifference (eg, due to a bad break-up).

In some cases, this cycle may evolve towards caring (eg, pragma, Wiki).

Frenemies are between love and hate. There’s still doubt between them. Latter answers the Why.

It’s a principle and/or rule in my life not to make enemies. The reason is simple: nobody should need, want and/or believe in enemies in her/his life. Enemies are a distraction from your goals in life. A revenge & retaliation cycle is unlikely to end (well). Also see part 1 and part 2 of my 2016 blogs.

A quote by Tony Gaskins (b.1984), a motivational speaker, author and life coach

Frenemies (2021) by Rexxie ft. Oxlade
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