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Netanyahu 2022 = Trump 2024 ?

Late 2022, Netanyahu became – once again – the PM of Israel, despite the legal trials against him (eg, “bribery, fraud, and breach of trust”). Trump wants to be re-elected as US president in 2024, despite the many lawsuits against him. Hence, my question: Netanyahu 2022 = Trump 2024 ?

It appears that lawsuits against both are strengthening their voter base, while alienating independents – let alone the opposition. Something similar happened to a Dutch municipal councilman. His voter base never abandoned him. Recently, the court acquitted him of all charges (eg, NRC, Wiki).

It’s increasingly common to use (or: abuse) the legal system to silence political opponents, and prevent her/him from getting (re-) elected. It’s also increasingly clear that this tactic is backfiring. Moreover, it is not in the interest of a legal system to punish a political candidate, who may get (re-) elected.

What is the solution – if any? The solution might be simple and complex as well: honesty.

Honesty is, however, a double-edged sword. Attacking Trump on his brazen dishonesty brings a dilemma for any attacker: let him who is without sin, cast the first stone. Hence, it’s “easier” to abuse the legal system to prosecute political opponents. Any legal verdict is years later anyway.

Trump offers another solution: attack his (self-claimed) record of being the “best” in any field. In many cases, it’s reverse psychology. It’s much more likely that he belongs to the worst in that field. Nevertheless, disputing Trump’s false claims is left to the media (eg, Washington Post Fact Checker, Wiki).

Trump likes attacking anyone’s personality, attitude or behaviour. His opponents do not. Why?

Generally, the liberal-left has no problem in attacking the character of its own members but refrains from character attacks on the conservative-right. My hunch is that it’s all about a misguided sense of ethics, morality and/or values. Perhaps, left-wokism prevents to call a spade a spade (eg, NPR2013).

Netanyahu’s win in 2022 shows that a re-election of Trump in 2024 is – indeed – possible.

“We need not be afraid of being portrayed as unswayed fellows. Calling a spade a spade is no hate speech, rather it will likely dissuade the inexperienced from joining the parade of immorality that invade them.”

A quote by Vincent Okay Nwachukwu, a Nigerian author

Elected (1972) by Alice Cooper
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Elected, elected, yeah
Respected, yeah

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