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The 7 Belief systems – a 2023 update

Please find below my overhaul of the 2019 version of the 7 Belief systems. With hindsight, I overestimated the power of Technology, and underestimated the revenge of Politics. The first country to restrict the power of its Big Tech sector was China. USA and Europe are still following but lagging.

The combination of Data-Info, Money and Technology is worrisome for all governments; not only China. A future failure of Politics (as a belief system) may still result in conglomerates that are too powerful to control and/or restrict. Example 1: chaebol in South Korea. Example 2: see quote below.

“Within the Biden administration, some top officials fear that between his business empire, his vast wealth and his political alliances Elon Musk is close to untouchable. They worry that because of Tesla’s growing footprint in China and Musk’s dependence on financing from the Middle East for his Twitter deal, he may be vulnerable to foreign manipulation.”

Bloomberg, 21 March 2023: Musk’s Empire Could Put Him Beyond Government Reach

My 2023 diagram above does not apply to those countries, in which state religion is dominant. Often, their authoritarian rule prevents voters from exercising different (democratic) options (eg, no opposition candidates). These countries are mainly in North Africa and Middle East; see geographical map.

The belief system Science is back in my 2023 diagram and/but for a dubious reason (eg, climate activism, eco-terrorism, vaccine misinformation). In my view, the ongoing politicization of science has negatively affected our belief that science is neutral. Today, it’s viewed as biased.

With hindsight, my 2019 diagram was wishful thinking with respect to Faith versus Religion. Hence, both belief systems are gone, and what is left of spirituality now belongs to Philosophy, a belief system from which (probably) all religions have originated.

My 2019 diagram introduced Data-Info as a separate belief system. Cybercrime, including hacking, may (indeed) be viewed as evidence for such a belief system. Today, I’m inclined to view data collection as an integral part of the belief system Technology rather than an independent one.

In my view, my 2023 diagram does no longer evidence the ancient proverbs that Knowledge equals Power – a.k.a. dualism. This has been advocated by scholars like Imam AliFrancis Bacon and Michel Foucault. Today, Power is stronger than Knowledge. This explains the rise of monism (eg, China).

Knowledge is not power, it is only potential. Applying that knowledge is power. Understanding why and when to apply that knowledge is wisdom!

A quote by Takeda Shingen (1521-1573), “a warlord of great skill and military leadership”.

Knowledge Is Power (2012) from Game of Thrones
Littlefinger vs Cersei Lannister (Se02Ep01)
IMDb, video, Wiki

Note: all markings (bolditalicunderlining) by LO unless in quotes or stated otherwise.


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