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Life’s too short for conventions

I heard the phrase above in Cold Feet, a long-running comedy series rated 8.2 in IMDb. A granny in a nursing home used it as an excuse to have flirted with other men while still being married. This phrase also applies to other daring activities, like bungee jumping, skydiving and even swinging.

Apparently, I’m a conventional guy. Moreover, I doubt that life is (too) short. Once, I tried snorkeling – in a swimming pool. It was a disaster because I failed to grasp air and felt that I was suffocating. I’ve come to the conclusion that any activity, which involves daring, is not suited for me.

In Belgium, I once lived close to a swingers’ club, which raised my curiosity. After weeks of contemplation, I decided that I did not dare to visit. Somebody might recognize me and start blackmailing me. I have never had any regrets – let alone remorse – following the choices and priorities in my life.

I’ve never been a thrill-seeker, neither in my actions nor in my words. In general, I avoid taking high risks-rewards in life. The only thrill seeking happens (and stays) in my mind, where I can control it. I suppose we all have a “passenger” at our dark side (eg, the “dark passenger” in Dexter).

In 2011, former palliative carer Bronnie Ware published her book The Top Five Regrets of the Dying which is about the things people wished they had done but didn’t do: not following expectations, not expressing feelings, a better work-life balance, restoring friendships, and more happiness.

I hope and trust that my top-5 will be empty. Life’s too short for delaying the things that must be done.

Life is too short to care what people think. So live your life the way you want to, be happy, be strong, be yourself not caring what people think.


Life’s Too Short, a British mockumentary
episode featuring Liam Neeson
video, Wiki

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