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Irrational belief systems

Last week, I watched a few episodes of New Tricks, rated #7.9 in IMDb. In Se 06 Ep 2, the words irrational belief systems are suddenly mentioned. As far as I can remember, I have never plotted my concept of the 7 Belief systems along the axes of rational versus logical. This is my initial diagram.

For 4 of the 7 Belief systems, there is no (eg, scientific) evidence for our beliefs.

Hence, these 4 are plotted as irrational. In my view, the Truth even qualifies as illogical because most of our truths are subjective rather than objective – let alone absolute (ie, Karl Popper).

Out of the 3 rational beliefs, Politics seems illogical. The low voter turnout in many elections seems evidence for Politics being illogical.

Philosophy and Religion are related beliefs. Both lack evidence but their hypotheses appear logical.

I’ve still mixed feelings about the words irrational beliefs because it feels like a pleonasm (eg, green grass, white snow). Moreover, any belief is a known unknown. Why do we put our trust in paper money, or electronic currencies? It may be rational (ie, “guaranteed”) but is it really logical?

Science (2016 in, 2019 out) also gives me mixed feelings. Not only because of the (very) many retractions in academic publishing (eg, Science-2018). In my view, there is also an increasing ideological bias in their papers. That scientific bias is about an alleged truth. However, Richard Feynman once stated:

Religion is a culture of faith; science is a culture of doubt.”

A quote by Richard Feynman (1919-1988), an American theoretical physicist. Markings in quote by LO.

Technology (2019 in) might be our only true rational and logical belief system. We need our tools, we want our tools, and we have started believing in those tools. We are willing to sacrifice our own life for technology (eg, Wiki), and we are prepared to kill others for it (eg, source-1, source-2).

Irrational (2020) by Shay Lia
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Note: all markings (bolditalicunderlining) by LO unless in quotes or stated otherwise.


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