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Theory of Everything (3)

Last Thursday, I made the drawing below. Before, I did “see” the various dots but I wasn’t able to connect these dots inside my mind. The house analogy suddenly dawned upon me, last Thursday. I’m pleased to present the result. In my view, it might well be my best accomplishment so far.

My concept of the 7 Belief systems (eg, 2015 original and 2019 update) is a part of my concept of Needs, Wants & Beliefs (see Roof). In my view, the Soul is the connection between individual and universal consciousness.

In my view, the three Roof elements connect as follows:

  1. Body / Needs / Power (or: a body needs power)
  2. Mind / Wants / Knowledge (or: a mind wants knowledge)
  3. Soul / Beliefs / Love (or: a Soul believes in Love).

I’m still digesting all of the above. To be continued.

everything i wanted (2019) by Billie Eilish
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[Verse 1]
I had a dream
I got everything I wanted
Not what you’d think
And if I’m bein’ honest
It might’ve been a nightmare

Note: all markings (bolditalicunderlining) by LO unless in quotes or stated otherwise.


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