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The micro to macro arrow: is growth irreversible?

Last week, a friend used an unfamiliar analogy. Once you’re swimming in the deep pool (c.2.60m) then the children’s pool (c.25cm) is no longer relevant. The inbetween pool (c.1.50m) is just nice to cool off. There appears to be a micro to macro arrow, next to the Arrow of Time (eg, Wiki).

Why is the above relevant? I’ve been struggling with a question: how do you “return” from macro to micro (eg, in your thinking)? I’m clueless. My friend said that she was advised/informed that you cannot “return” once you’re “swimming in the deep”. I’m inclined to believe that advice.

To paraphrase the above: growth seems irreversible. Is this a principle or rule in Life?

In the 2008 fantasy film The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (#7.8 in IMDb) actor Brad Pitt starts life as a grand dad (macro) and ends life as a baby (micro). In between, he meets “Cate Blanchett as the love interest throughout his life”. Despite its IMDb rating, its storyline feels absurd to most of us.

There might be an exception though: some scientists now argue that the Universe may have been deflating before its expansion (ie, Big Bang). If and when growth is irreversible then that notion seems implausible. Also see my 2022 blog Why would a Big Bang event be the start of our Universe?

Sometimes, a company seems to defy the principle or rule that growth is irreversible. The Finnish company Nokia started as a forestry business (1865-1967), transformed into mobile phones (1990-2010), and is now transforming towards “silicon photonics technology” (2020-onwards).

I’m not sure if Nokia is an exception to the principle or rule that growth is irreversible. Perhaps, it’s more appropriate to see 2 failed businesses and a 3rd start-up.

Clearly, the known solar systems also follow a growth pattern until they die. Why would the Universe (ie, mix) be fundamentally different from its known solar systems (ie, ingredients)? The only reason would be “someone” who is cooking the ingredients (eg, flour, sugar, water) into a cake.

I’m inclined to believe that growth is irreversible. Hence, the micro-to-macro arrow.

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