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Ancient Apocalypse (Graham Hancock / Netflix)

6 January 2023


Finally, I’ve watched all eight episodes of Graham Hancock‘s documentary series Ancient Apocalypse at Netflix. For people who are new to Graham Hancock’s storytelling, this Netflix series is either (very) interesting or pseudoscience. I prefer the first, despite Hancock’s rather annoying habits.

I suppose my interest in ancient history was reignited when I visited the Grand Canyon in the 1980s. Clearly, our planet must have looked very, very different before the water disappeared from that canyon. The remaining Colorado river is dwarfed by its surroundings (eg, canyon depth, length, width).

Graham Hancock is convinced that there was a highly advanced civilisation at the end of the Last Glacial Maximum (c. 20,000 years ago). I agree. Those civilisations mostly disappeared due the post-glacial sea level rise of some 120 meters (ie, 400 ft) from c.14,500 ya until c.7,000 ya.

Graham Hancock refuses to look any further (see song below). It might be argued that there is no evidence of advanced civilisations prior to the Last Glacial Period (c.115,000 – c. 11,700 years ago). Especially, the Younger Dryas, an abrupt temporary climate reversal (c. 12,900 to 11,700 years) was devastating.

Much to my surprise, Graham Hancock does not even mention the Sumerian King List, which mentions the Great Flood in lines 1-39. Before the Great Flood, the reign of the Sumerian Kings lasted for 241,200 years (eg, my blog, source, Wiki). I fail to understand why Hancock does not look any further.

The Sumerian people were black-headed according to the neighbouring Akkadian empire. One of most famous Sumerian descendants is Abraham. His father was Terah, a high ranking priest to the Sumerian king Nimrod (eg, source) In my view, black-headed should imply an African origin.

In this day and age, paintings of Abraham, David, Solomon and even Jesus display white people. In my view, that is impossible as the Sumerians were black-headed. This might be a reason why Graham Hancock is ignoring the highly advanced Sumerian civilisation (eg, source, Wiki).

Notwithstanding the above, this Netflix documentary is a good start. Once you’re hooked by ancient history then you will become aware that today’s (eg, cultural, scientific) narrative does not show a complete, correct and/or timely picture. Moreover, parts of that narrative have been whitewashed.

Don’t Look Any Further (1984) by Dennis Edwards ft. Siedah Garrett
artist-DE, artist-SG, lyrics, video, Wiki-DE, Wiki-SG, Wiki-song

Day o umba day o mambu ji ay o (Yeah)
Don’t look any further (Don’t you look no further)
Day o umba day o nam bu ji ay o (Yeah)
Don’t look any further

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