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Several people and/or countries demand reparations for past wrongful acts (eg, climate change, slavery, WWII). In case of countries, these demands often feel like blackmail or extortion. In case of people, these demands often lack causality due to time elapsed (eg, centuries).

Moreover, there is an indirect and implicit claim of a collective sin, like the Germans for WWII. Apparently, you can hold some/all people accountable and/or responsible for events that took place long ago (eg, centuries). To waive legal considerations, such people often claim there is a moral obligation.

Late 1947, the UN adopted a plan that equals reparations for the Jewish diaspora (eg, WWII). In 1948, the state of Israel was created out of the former British Mandate for Palestine (1922-1948). I’ve never seen any plea to create a country for the descendants of African slaves. They just want money.

Interestingly, the ancient Kingdom of Israel (1047 BCE) was created by the descendants of the blackheaded Sumerian Abraham. I suppose the Sumerian people migrated from Africa to Mesopotamia to escape centuries of climate change in northern Africa (ie, from Green Sahara to Sahara desert).

The 1947 UN reparation plan for the Jews created a (strong) nation of survivors rather than people in a victim role. That is what I’m missing in those other plans. Those claimants are victims without a survival plan. Money will never ever be enough as compensation (eg, $1,000, $10,000, or $100,000).

In my view, any reparations should create a future prospect while acknowledging past wrongdoing. Legalized affirmative action (eg, in Constitution) would help generations (macro) rather than current individuals (micro). Allowing regional migration makes more sense than paying for climate reparations.

“Seldom is the claim made that black Americans alive at this moment are worse off than if their ancestors had been left in Africa. Any attempt to make that case with statistics on income, life expectancy, or numerous other variables would collapse like a house of cards.”

A quote from The Quest for Cosmic Justice by Thomas Sowellan (African) American author and economist

I Need a Dollar (2010) by Aloe Blacc
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I need a dollar, dollar
Dollar, that’s what I need (Hey, hey)
Well, I need a dollar, dollar
Dollar, that’s what I need (Hey, hey)
Said I need a dollar, dollar
Dollar, that’s what I need
And if I share with you my story would you share your dollar with me?

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