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It’s better to smile than to get angry

Recently, I had my bi-annual dental (hygienist) appointment. At my arrival, I received a checklist with some 30 health questions and was asked to complete it and sign off. After reviewing those questions, I insisted on their explanation. I’m still waiting for it. I was sent home because it was a must.

That incident spoiled my afternoon. I hate being told that I must do something without any explanation apart from a must. I accused them of using a Cover Your Ass approach (eg, legal liability). I should have told them that such a checklist is already outdated once completed (eg, allergies).

Back home, I wondered why that incident had upset me. I had been pretty angry during the discussion on their alleged must-be. I even ridiculed them that they are just a dentist and not a doctor. In my view, they are (just) a supplier of services. Moreover, I’ve no dental insurance and pay myself.

Several decades ago, I noticed a similar trend in auditing: auditors remained in their room while completing checklists (eg, compliance, risk management) rather than asking questions to my accounting staff. In my view, the audit debacles did not come out of thin air. Clearly, I don’t believe in such checklists.

Once in a while, the angry-old-me still rears its ugly head (eg, my 2016 blog Anger management). Fortunately, it’s becoming rare. Usually, I just smile and waive those annoying issues that are usually fed by ignorance. Why argue with a fool? Also see Mark Twain quote below.

Generally speaking, it’s better to laugh or smile and walk away rather than to get angry.

Hence, I agree with this article’s title: He who smiles is always stronger than he who gets angry.

Anger is fed by negativity, while laughter and smiling are fed by positivity (eg, Hope, Love).

Sometimes, however, people and/or situations are worth to fight about it.

Was my anger worth it? Frankly, I doubt it. At least, I can smile about it right now.

Perhaps, it’s time for me to search for a new dentist.

An alleged quote by Mark Twain: “Never argue with a fool; onlookers may not be able to tell the difference.”

Laugh About It (2005) by Racoon
band, lyrics, video, Wiki-band, Wiki-album, Wiki-song

I can laugh about it
Or I can cry about it
I should ignore the words you say
‘Cause they can hurt but won’t kill me

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