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Business Proposal (Netflix)

29 November 2022



A few months ago, I watched a few minutes of Business Proposal on Netflix. I disliked it instantly. Its high IMDb rating (#8.1) kept fascinating me though. In my experience, IMDb is never wrong, provided that there are enough ratings (11,229 right now). Hence, I decided to watch again.

Clearly, my initial judgement was wrong. It’s a funny show and quite often even hilarious. Nearly each scene is different from what you would “normally” expect. That approach is highly refreshing and keeps you glued to this show. Once you get the humour, the Korean language becomes irrelevant.

The storyline is simple and effective: boy meets girl. However, the boy is forced to have dozens of blind dates because his grandfather wants him to marry and have heirs to his business empire and fortune. The boy dislikes them all. Then he meets a girl who is a stand-in for one of these dates.

Both girlfriends have developed a “show” to scare off their dates. The (rich) boy is surprised that his date is not interested in him and gets curious. Hence, the old saying: opposites attract. He blackmails her to pretend to be his girlfriend. Both learn the hard way that pretending to like someone is hard.

The parents and/or grandparents in this TV series are not what you would “normally” expect. They skeme, plan and plot to get what they want: babies (ie, grandchildren). This works very well for this series. The mother of the girl is just hilarious by being totally over-the-top.

The show allows for plenty of funny hide and seek scenes as the girl is one of the employees of the boy (CEO) and his grandfather (chairman). Both boy and girl work in the food business but (again) at opposite ends: conglomerate versus small retail shop. It adds to the overall flavour of the story.

Obviously, boy gets girl and (sic!) girl gets boy but not without lots of fighting for it. These fights make watching this show thoroughly worth it. Actually, I kind of binge-watched this show despite that each episode takes about an hour.

There is ample speculation whether – or not – there will be a season 2. On the one hand, it will be very hard to improve on season 1. On the other hand, there should be plenty of room to expand on this story.

Business Proposal, a Netflix TV series

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