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Ancient origins

In 1995, Graham Hancock published his book Fingerprints of the Gods, which “has been translated into 27 languages and is estimated to have sold five million copies around the world.” About a decade later, I received it from my then neighbours. That book raised my curiosity on ancient history.

Hancock’s rather annoying way of storytelling is still the same in his 2022 Netflix documentary Ancient Apocalypse. This should not prevent you from watching it. Graham Hancock is still looking for a mysterious, lost civilization that predates the Great Flood that lasted from c.16,000 BC to c.5000 BC.

In my view, the black-headed Sumerian people would qualify. Their origins are mysterious. They “suddenly” arrived in Mesopotamia around 5000 BC. In my view, they left Africa due to climate change: the Green Sahara turned into the Sahara desert due to deglaciation after the Last Glacial Maximum (c.25,000 ya).

In my view, the post-glacial sea level rise of some +120 meters or +400 feet, which started after the LGM (c.20-25,000 years ago) and lasted until about 5,000 BC, equals the Great Flood, as known in nearly all global cultures. Wikipedia still refers to a Flood myth despite this diagram on post-glacial sea level rise.

To some extent, the 2018 Black Panther film might be seen as a tribute to the black-headed Sumerian people. The Sumerian people are credited for nearly every human invention, and they were extremely rich (ie, gold). Their future descendants were still very rich: King Solomon’s mines and the Queen of Sheba.

Little is known about ancient history due to the Last Ice Age and the subsequent post-glacial sea level rise. Hence, archeologists have a tendency to date everything after the Great Flood (ie, c.4000-5000 BC) and usually reject any claim that something is (much) older. To Hancock and me that is annoying.

My timeline of ancient and contemporary history would look like this:

The Sumerian people also invented ships and harbours (eg, Haaretz-2018) and traded with nations like India (eg, Wiki). I hope that the next episodes of Ancient Apocalypse will make this link. I’m afraid, however, that Hancock is too busy finding something that already existed.

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