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He’s gone

Some 25 years ago, we met at work. I suppose our friendship was instant. We had some weird things in common: he and I had the same birthday, though we differed ten years in age. His late wife and my former wife also had the same birthday. Tuesday morning, his daughter wrote that he had passed away.

I’ve been flabbergasted thrice. My June 26 visit left me in shock as my friend seemed like a zombie. My September 15 visit was another, though positive, shock as my friend was his old self again and joking about our mutual past. Tuesday was the third and final shock as I didn’t see his relapse coming.

There is no Why this time. I know that his demise is better as his body – not his mind – failed on him. It was difficult for him to accept that because he was a proud and strong man. For months, I prayed for mercy for his soul. When I learned about his resurrection, I felt ashamed for having asked for mercy.

In 2016, I saw the first signs that something was wrong with him. He was no longer the strong man that filled any room with his presence. Suddenly, he seemed fragile to me. Obviously, he waived my concerns.

I suppose my friend was the only likeable person whom I know of, who was full of denial and anger towards some people in his life. I remember a 2001 scene in which he “asked” me to remove someone from the premises. If not, he would beat the crap out of him. I believed him and fulfilled his request.

I am grateful for the role that my friend played in my life, both in business and in private. My survival – following my 2010-2014 divorce battle in Dutch courts, and my 2013 burnout and 18 month depression – is also the result of his efforts. Our friendship was very special. Rest in Peace, my friend.

(S)he’s gone (1974) by Hall & Oates
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(s)he’s gone, (s)he’s gone
Oh I, oh I
I better learn how to face it
(s)he’s gone, (s)he’s gone

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