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Extraordinary Attorney Woo (Netflix)

13 September 2022


I don’t watch Korean TV series. It’s not my taste (eg, voices). Fortunately, I made an exception for Extraordinary Attorney Woo given its high IMDb rating (ie, #8.8). The story is about an autistic girl/woman, raised by a single father. She graduates at the top of her class but no firm is interested, until a deal is made.

I’ve waited writing this review until the very last episode of season 1. Perhaps, I was afraid that Extraordinary Attorney Woo would still disappoint me along the way. It did not. I gave it a solid 9 as IMDb rating. Season 2 has been confirmed but “isn’t expected to air until 2024” (SCMP).

The average episode has this structure:
– different court cases on different Korean social issues;
– flashbacks explaining certain things (eg, “no” mother);
– people preying into the private life of attorney Woo Young-woo (eg, who, how, when)

Most of all, Extraordinary Attorney Woo feels like a modern fairytale. In episode 16, attorney Woo Young-woo says to her mother that she views herself as a narwhal in an ocean full of beluga whales, supported by colleagues and a mentor. Note LO: narwhals were once called the unicorns of the sea.

“I live in an unfamiliar ocean with unfamiliar belugas. Because everyone’s different from me, it’s not easy to adjust and there are lots of whales that hate me, too. But it’s okay. Because this is my life. Though my life is unusual and peculiar, it’s valuable and beautiful.”

Attorney Woo Young-woo to her mother in episode 16 of season 1 (source)

In my view, Extraordinary Attorney Woo belongs to the most beautiful tv ever made. A must-see.

Post scriptum:
On 12 September 2002, Dutch newspaper NRC confirmed the above: autistic attorney Woo brings Netflix an unexpected hit.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo

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