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2022 Conceptual Framework

There has been a diagram on my desktop since July 24. My initial version was published on LinkedIn (link) in response to someone else’s diagram that I viewed as invalid. My August 26 version below is a major update. However, the macro scope is so big that I have trouble seeing its (true) perspective.

The above diagram is – partly – the result of a lingering question on my mind: how do beliefs and emotions interact? In particular, the question whether guilt & shame are only emotions, or also beliefs? A diagram at Researchgate on the interaction of intentions, beliefs and emotions added to my confusion.

Labelling the five Kübler-Ross stages of processing Change (including grief) as human behaviour (eg, emotions) resulted in labelling the other two lines as attitude and personality.

Ideology and pragmatism are examples of our beliefs and of our belief systems (ie, 2015 original concept and 2019 update). Our beliefs define our attitude (eg, towards life).

The line personality took some time to resolve until I took another look at the Researchgate diagram on the interaction of intentions, beliefs and emotions. Our personality (or character) defines our intentions in life (eg, good vs bad).

The top line in my diagram is labelled consciousness, a concept that everyone understands but nobody can explain; see my recent blog on definitions.

Our consciousness has two main alternatives: closed mindedness versus open-mindedness. Most people will be somewhere in between both. The first results in certainty and a choice for ideology (eg, alt-Right vs woke-Left), while the latter results in doubt and a preference for pragmatism.

I suppose that certainty will give a preference for principles rather than rules, while doubt would then result in the opposite and a preference for rules rather than principles.

I’m still not sure about my diagram. It feels important but my (eternal) doubt resists that feeling.

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I got a feeling

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