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Logical vs Rational

In several of my recent blogs, I used the words logical and rational without giving it much thought – initially. A Google search on examples of (il)logical and (ir)rational remained fruitless. Hence, I made a diagram myself.

My diagram contains my usual suspects, being:

  • Nassim Nicholas Taleb‘s distinction between (un)known (un)knowns;
  • Karl Popper‘s distinction in truths (ie, absolute, objective and subjective);
  • my concept of beliefs, facts, intuition & fantasy;
  • relevant examples.

I’m not sure if the combination of illogical and irrational is always a falsehood.

I was unable to think of any other label than falsehood.

Despite my diagram, it’s hard (for me) to define logic and rationality. The Wiki page on logic and rationality argues that rationality qualifies as a macro perspective, while logic relates to a micro focus. Initially, I assumed it would be the other way around.

In my view, the above diagram also explains why artificial intelligence (AI) may always be limited to the green box of my diagram.

Would anyone trust irrational robots?

Or trust illogical robots?

Let alone trusting illogical and irrational robots.

See my blogs on AI & Robotics.

author unknown but probably Scott Adams

My cartoon above is another example of logical vs rational. Despite all my efforts, the author remained unknown (ie, ratio). Given the similarities in the style of drawing (ie, logic), I assume the author is Scott Adams (eg, Dilbert comics).

The Logical Song (1979) by Supertramp feat. Roger Hodgson (vocals)
artist, band, lyrics, video, Wiki-artist, Wiki-band, Wiki-song

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