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EVs bring fun features… and recalls (Axios)

6 August 2022


Axios title: EVs bring fun features… and recalls
By: Hope King and Nathan Bomey
Date: 29 July 2022

With Congress potentially poised to recharge a $7,500 federal tax credit to push the sale of more EVs, new buyers may need to prepare for some early headaches — recalls.

Why it matters: Electric vehicles are more likely to have defects than traditional gas cars, according to an Axios analysis of industry dataAnd quality setbacks could undermine their path to replacing internal combustion engine cars, Nathan writes.

State of play: EVs represented a disproportionate amount of automotive recalls from 2017 through the first half of 2022, collectively making up about 0.9% of recall incidents and 1% of total vehicles involved, according to data compiled by recalls manager Sedgwick at the request of Axios.

  • During that period, EVs represented an average of no more than about 0.4% of vehicles on the road, based on the most conservative estimates.

Between the lines: What’s driving the issue? EVs are so much different than traditional cars and they have so many new features, Sedgwick executive Wayne Mitchell tells Axios.

  • “Anytime you have that new technology, you’re going to have new issues that pop up,” Mitchell says.
  • New features on EVs often include technology like high-tech infotainment systems, fancy door handles and pseudo-autonomous driving systems.

What they’re saying: “Right now people are willing to compromise,” Edmunds analyst Ivan Drury tells Axios. “I think there’s some level of acceptance that you’re driving a test bed.”

The bottom line: EVs are just getting off the ground, and that involves some growing pains in terms of quality.

Go deeper.”

Go Deeper note by Axios:
EVs recalled more often than gas engine vehicles



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