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Definitions: positive, negative, unknown

Our definitions are often positive because we know the how, what, when, where, who and why. Some of our definitions are negative: peace is the absence of war. Sometimes, we do not agree; then our definitions are not universal. Example: what is love? The ancient Greek used at least 6 different words.

I suppose a main reason for negative or unknown definitions is our inability to answer the Why question because everything follows Why.

Another reason might be that micro topics are easy to define but macro topics are not (eg, love, peace).

Latter would explain why people take sides in any discussion (ie, focus) rather than looking at the bigger picture (ie, perspective). A 2021 Aeon / Psyche article claims something similar: Sometimes, paying attention means we see the world less clearly.

Why do we forget or ignore to zoom out after zooming in? A simple answer is that the world is more clear (and more simple) to us when we zoom in. Zooming out would give (self-) doubt. We prefer certainty.

While writing this blog, I got interested in finding out what a matrix would show when plotting macro-micro versus focus-perspective. The results are interesting, in my view.

My blogs are mostly on the horizontal macro line.

Sometimes, my blogs have a detailed focus (eg, auditing).

My aim is to stay away from ideology.

Blogs on a macroperspective level are the hardest to write as these consume lots of energy.

Anybody can be a great photographer if they zoom in enough on what they love.

A quote by David Bailey (b.1938), an English photographer and director.

Zoom (1982) by Fat Larry’s Band
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