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The matrix of macro vs micro + negative vs positive

Recently, I got curious about plotting synergy while using a matrix with the “axes” of macro vs micro and negativity vs positivity. My initial diagram showed that both perspectives gave very generic results. Then it occurred to me that both perspectives zoom in/out (ie, focus) on generic dimensions.

Please find my updated diagram below. My initial topic (ie, synergy) is less important.

Several of my blog topics have been plotted in this diagram:

  1. chaos, equilibrium & vacuum;
  2. competition vs cooperation;
  3. Doubt, Fear, Hope & Love;
  4. Entropy;
  5. Symmetry & balance;
    and obviously the
  6. dimensions of Space-Time and Energy vs Matter.

Some of my blog topics will, however, give vague results in this matrix, like friendship and relationships. I suppose because these topics zoom in on Love, which is (already) a macropositive topic.

It’s not entirely clear to me what my diagram represents, apart from its illustration of interconnectedness and – possibly – some elements of the Creator’s Masterplan (eg, blueprint).

To be continued – or not.

The Creator Has a Master Plan (1969) by Leon Thomas (1937-1999)
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