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My recent blog on compensation did not mention the word above: recognition. These topics could, however, be related for some but not necessarily. My writing (2014-today) started as therapeutic following my 2013 burnout and subsequent depression. I doubt it now relates to finding recognition.

“Recognition in sociology is the public acknowledgement of a person’s status or merits (achievements, virtues, service, etc.).” Wikipedia

Finding recognition was important to me while still working (1981-2013). I found my main measurement for recognition in my remuneration (eg, salary, bonus, lease car, pension contribution). Today, it would be my number of readers. However, I cancelled that ticker after migrating my data to WordPress.

The main elements in this topic are contribution (ie, cause, input) and recognition (ie, effect, output).

I think that we all start in the upper-right corner (ie, the Child). There seem to be three logical directions in life: (1) self-actualization as defined by Abraham Maslow (1908-1970), (2) assuming a victim role, (3) being a narcissist (eg, Donald Trump), and/or (4) remaining a “Child” (eg, man-child, woman-child).

After having prepared my diagram, I suddenly noticed corresponding couples in my mind, like horizontal-down&up, vertical-left&right, but not diagonal-couples. That cannot be a coincidence. The best couples might be in the upper-left corner. Other couples seem eventually doomed.

My diagram also gives a simple explanation for my relationship failures: my longest relationships represented the vertical-left line. My most recent (failed) relationship represented the horizontal-upper line. I’m still eager meeting someone from the left-upper corner. Given my diagram, my chances are slim.

The upside is that backtesting my diagram has been successful. The downside is that my expectations should (indeed) be minimal.

Manchild (1989) by Neneh Cherry
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