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Positivity and negativity: micro and macro

We all know these Happy-Go-Lucky people. They radiate positivity and can bring sunshine to your day. We also know people who can suck out any positivism from our (and their) life. Most of us are keen to avoid them. Recently, I was wondering if such positivity and negativity may also happen at a macro level.

My curiosity was triggered by societies that are becoming increasingly negative (eg, Netherlands, USA).

It seems that the cycle of Doubt-Fear-Hope-Love is now at the left (see my diagram).

If positivity and negativity are like electricity than matter would also be positive or negative. My Energy vs Matter analogy is brand new.

Moreover, Energy vs Matter is a macro view.

My diagram above, while making perfect logical sense, is deeply puzzling to me. Might there indeed be something like The Force from Star Wars, a fictional universe? If so, might Putin be our Darth Vader?

Officially, we have two dimensions: Time and Space; these are known knowns. A known unknown (or belief) dimension would be Energy vs Matter. An unknown known (or intuitive) dimension would be Data-Info (eg, no hiding theorem). Unknown unknown dimensions would be imaginative (eg, multiverse).

In my view, these other dimensions might feel like waves in our known known dimension.

Question: Is this macro view on Energy vs Matter responsible for Religion as a (micro) Belief system?

Shiny Happy People (1991) by R.E.M.
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  1. anaion

    what a difficult question … I could answer Yes ..But why YES, instead of, NO ??


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