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Why do we believe in Fate?

The words Faith and Fate feel quite similar, semantically. I doubt that’s a coincidence. In Dutch, the word Fate is ”het Lot” (eg, lottery ticket). It’s fair to state that Fate refers to a slim chance on a considerable outcome, both negative (eg, accident) and positive (eg, lucky number). Hence, the Dutch word “het Lot”.

Faith refers to believing (eg, in a deity, Supreme Being).

Why would we believe in a lottery game or in Chance?? The German word for Fate, ”Schicksal”, refers to the decision or outcome of a higher power (eg, the gods) Hence, the words Faith and Fate are indeed connected. If you believe in a deity then its decision is Fate.

Are we allowed to give Fate a helping hand?

The answer can only be a ”Yes” because it’s like buying 2-3 lottery tickets rather than just 1. Another analogy that springs to my mind is playing (multi-ball) pool rather than (3 ball) billiards. Hitting the table pockets becomes more easy. However, every advantage has a disadvantage: more balls = more complexity.

I considered using a different title above: why do we believe that our lives are ordened or regulated?

The Germans have an expression: ”Ordnung muss sein”. This translates like: there must be order.

Given that everything is connected in Life, Nature and the Universe, it makes sense that there must be order. Usually, we only differ of opinion on the Creator of this Masterplan (video).

Most likely, Life needs order. I doubt Life could originate in (random) Chaos. Even human wars are (ultimately) governed by order (ie, predictability) rather than randomness.

Quite possibly, the stages of an Equilibrium and of Chaos are hypothetical human concepts, like utopia and dystopia. Both stages represent more order (equilibrium) and less order (chaos).

Lucky number (1979) by Lene Lovich
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