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Media = virus

The slogan “media = virus” is written on a bridge that my son and I passed, last Saturday. He pointed it out to me. I replied that there is a lot of truth in it. The slogan dates back to the early corona days. Its meaning was different then: the relentless pushing of micro data (eg, infections) while ignoring the macro view.

Essentially, nothing has changed regarding the coronavirus. It will be around until almost 100% of the global population is contaminated. Fortunately, its overall majority (c.95%) is immune from getting sick, following an infection, while a very small part is even immune from getting infected.

Most governments, apart from China, have now adopted a macro view and the media went silent on individual or micro cases. To a large extent, the media’s relentless micro reporting is accountable and responsible for governments sticking to their micro view. Hence, the validity of the slogan “media = virus”.

In my view, the media are spreading an anti-confidence “virus” throughout our societies. Their relentless message is: do not trust [insert name]. Their favourites are business, government, judges, and any opposition. Their business model can be summarized by click-bait-fight while government regulation is next.

I suppose the media were – and still are – following the ongoing polarisation in society in order to stop their rapidly declining turnover. On the one hand, changing from facts to opinions did their business well. On the other hand, it further increased distrust in society (eg, JSTOR-1976, NRC, Pew-2019, SCP).

The 1976 JSTOR article has an intriguing title: “Social Mistrust as a Determinant of Political Cynicism in a Transitional Society”. In my view, the key word in that title is transitional.

In 2020, I published several blogs (eg, 29 July 2020) on society’s migration from trialism (ie, Love, Knowledge & Power) to dualism (ie, Knowledge vs Power) to monism (ie, Power).

The Love domain represents several types of love:
– brotherly / sisterly love or philia,
– divine love or agape,
– family love or storge,
– romantic love or eros,
– self-love or philautia,
– hospitality or xenia.

It could well be argued that the several types of love, as mentioned above, have indeed been declining for decades. Without love, dualism or polarisation will take over: Us versus Them.

The media is just a nickname for people working in that industry. Ultimately, humans are the virus, and in particular our beliefs. I suppose, there is an antidote: Love is the message and the message is Love.

The Message is Love (1989) by Al Green
artist, lyrics, video, Wiki-artist, Wiki-song

Listen everyone – All around the world, the people crying, can’t find somethin’ to believe
They put so much faith in people who are lying, they’re so easy to deceive

Love is the message and the message is love (weh-heh)
From the streets to the mountains to the heavens above (uh-huh-uh)
(Tell everybody) Tell everybody (yeah-hey) what your dreaming of
Woh-hoh-hoh-oh, that love is the message and the message is love (oh-oh)

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