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The lesser of two evils principle

Aristotle (384-322 BC) wrote the following in his book Nicomachean Ethics: “For the lesser evil can be seen in comparison with the greater evil as a good, since this lesser evil is preferable to the greater one, and whatever preferable is good” (Wiki). Fast-forward: if Russia is the greater evil, does that make Ukraine good?

I’ve been carefully avoiding this topic for the past 100+ days. I’m anti Russia but not pro Ukraine. I doubt that Ukraine belongs in the EU, let alone in NATO. Should our empathy for Ukrainian casualties change that view? The EU has never considered Ukraine as good. Should the Russian invasion change that?

There’s an ancient proverb: The enemy of my enemy is my friend. This proverb refers to an opportunistic kind of friendship. Once the common enemy is beaten, the “friendship” may disappear. Genuine friendship (ie, philia) is about brotherly and/or sisterly love and is not subject to time and space.

Late May 2016, Bernie Sanders used Aristotle’s principle (above) when he considered Hillary Clinton as the lesser of evils compared to Donald Trump (eg, Politico-2016). Considering that both persons are hated, he had a valid point. See my 2016 blog The lesser of two evils. Hillary is not Ukraine though.

I just received a Global Security email, entitled: Ukraine Increasingly Worried West Could Suffer ‘War Fatigue’. You can rephrase this: Ukraine is getting worried that Europe and USA are considering Aristotle’s principle of the lesser of two evils. Both should indeed, if only given this recent Haaretz interview.

I’m still giving Ukraine the benefit of my doubt. After all, there’s only one aggressor (ie, Russia), regardless of the parroting by useful idiots (eg, my February 25 blog). The April 5 Haaretz interview was my eye-opener. Ukraine and Russia are brothers, like Abel and Cain. Like Cain, Russia is murdering Abel.

The only reason that Europe and USA are helping Ukraine is that both fear Russian intentions. Putin’s most recent interview confirms the validity of those American and European fears (eg, Guardian). Ukraine is merely the start of a long Russian conquest to restore its lost empire. Hence, Western interference.

It’s quite ironic that legendary Russian corruption appears to be the key ingredient that interferes with Putin’s intentions. Russia gets a taste of its own medicine. Also see my March 29 blog: Why does a kleptocracy believe in its superiority?

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