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Ethics: micro vs macro

The US Supreme Court is about to rule on the federal right of abortion. Some US states are already preluding on its verdict and are only allowing abortion for early pregnancies (ie, less than 15 weeks). Should individual ethical issues even be governed by national laws?

The Netherlands (my country) does not have a legal right on this ethical issue. In principle, assisting in abortion is still a Dutch criminal act. Nevertheless, there are Dutch clinics that assist women in their choice. Dutch pragmatism is legendary.

I suppose there are many instances in which a man is unaware of a female decision to abort an early pregnancy. I know for a fact. Abortion is then used as a kind of contraceptive. Should there be a law on mandatory consultation between man and woman? If so, which instances must be excluded?

I’m a man who is pro-life (my ideology) and who is pro-choice (my pragmatism). In my view, women should ultimately decide on pregnancies; not men. Raising a child is still mostly on female shoulders.

Hence, in in my view it’s (very) weird that male dominated courts (eg, SCOTUS) decide on female rights and duties: Thou must raise a child. It feels like The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood all over again.

There’s something (very) ironic in this debate. Most conservatives are usually pro individual choice about nearly anything (eg, economy, guns, law & order) except for abortion. Most liberals are usually against pro-choice (as they prefer government control) except for abortion.

I think, feel and believe that the Dutch pragmatic solution isn’t that bad at all. Assistance in terminating life (eg, abortion, depression, old age, suicide) is a crime. Suicide may be a vice but is not a crime. Governing the assistance in terminating life is – indeed – a medical and public health issue.

Any ethical issue is an individual choice that is based on personal priorities. Laws on ethical issues should offer hybrid solutions (eg, formal crime + medical assistance).

The Needle and the Damage Done (1972) by Neil Young

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