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There’s a new US debate whether Republicans are accountable or responsible for the Great Replacement “theory” (see my recent blog). Democrats and/or liberals were eager to blame the Republican party. The conservatives and/or Republicans were eager to deny that criticism. This pattern seems universal.

Why do liberals typically blame others (and each other)? Why do conservatives typically deny criticism?

It might just be a fundamental strategy. The one who starts blaming others can easily hide from similar criticism. Hence, there is a bonus in attacking. As the proverb says: an attack is the best form of defence. The one who receives criticism has few options: accept, deny or delay.

If so then why are liberals better in this blame strategy and reverse psychology tactic?

The answer may relate to my 2017 blog: the arrogance of the Left and ignorance of the Right. Liberals are more often graduates from colleges or universities, while conservatives more often have a self-made background (eg, in business). To some extent, it’s about Knowledge versus Power, or dualism.

Apart from the macro perspective above, I noticed a similar micro perspective at the birthday parties of my parents, decades ago. My parents mostly had primary education but had a successful village store. I have had many years of education but never forgot that image. Hence, I became a centrist.

I like to think, feel and believe that I’m good at taking criticism. I’m wrong. The moment there’s (alleged) reverse psychology behind that criticism then I get (really) annoyed with Sender. I know I must be careful in my reply as my words can be “lethal”. Then, I remember the Al Capone quote; see below.

Mid 2016, I wrote my first blog on this topic: Opinions and criticism. It has a certain Calimero-like approach, an innocent wondering about this mad, mad world (lyrics, video). I’ve lost that “youthful innocence” in my writing. Nevertheless, I would like to reiterate the final paragraph of that blog.

“I suppose that we are all caught in a world wide web of Fear. I genuinely wonder – and fear – what will come next. I sincerely doubt that messages of Love would stand a chance against these superfluous messages of Fear. My messages of faith, hope and love – and constructive criticism – are drops in an ocean of fear and negativity. I cannot but continue sending them.”

“Don’t mistake my kindness for weakness. I am kind to everyone, but when someone is unkind to me, weak is not what you are going to remember about me.”

Al Capone (1899-1947), American gangster and businessman

Criticize (1987) by Alexander O’Neal

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  1. A N A

    You reminded me of a proverb that says, “An attack is the best form of defense.”
    I subscribe to what you say in blog 2017 about
    “The arrogance of the left and the ignorance of the right. In my country, there is a left & right coalition in the Government, which I don’t know where it will take us. Your messages are raindrops falling on dry land , for lack of faith, hope and love. There are raindrops in an ocean, of ignorance, materialism, consumerism .
    Regarding politics in the USA, Joe Biden, like many of his generation, is convinced that America must stand firmly with its European alliance partners. But many in the USA see things differently in the meantime. The enemy that inspires fear is no longer Russia but China. For most Americans, the transatlantic link with old Europe is no longer at the forefront. The future is decided in Asia, and Europe would do well to finally deal with its own problems.
    Joe Biden has been a politician for half a century. He is probably the last great supporter of transatlantic relations in the White House. Donald Trump’s ghost must not necessarily be invoked, because no matter who Biden’s successor will be, US political priorities will change anyway. It would be good for Europe to finally prepare for this.
    I liked what you wrote and the song you chose. Continue. it is necessary , why do you write.


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