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The victim to offender cycle

In past centuries, Russia was invaded several times by (a.o.): Turkey (1570-1572), Poland (1609-1618), Sweden (1708-1709), France (1812), Japan (1918-1922), and Germany (1941). The roles were reversed after WW2. To date, Russia invaded Georgia (2008), Crimea and Donbas (both 2014) and Ukraine (2022).

The above paragraph is an (international) example of the macro view on the victim-to-offender cycle (a.k.a. cycle of abuse) while the micro view is about individuals (eg, sexual abuse).

In 1979, American psychologist Lenore Edna Walker developed a social cycle theory that she labelled as the cycle of abuse in order “to explain patterns of behavior in an abusive relationship.” Initially, she restricted her theory to women. Clearly, the cycle of abuse also relates to sexual abuse between men.

Possibly, the micro and macro view (above) are connected through one person, being the Russian president. There have been rumours – and accusations – about his private life for decades (eg, Independent-2016, Quora). Hence, the Russian president uses – or abuses – Russia in his victim-to-offender cycle.

Moreover, the Russian people have been abused by their czars and presidents for centuries. Perhaps, this explains why the Russian population – allegedly – supports the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine.

A recent Bloomberg article by Leonid Bershidsky supports – albeit indirectly – that Russians are in favour of the invasion of Ukraine: Yes, Russians Know What Their Military Is Doing in Ukraine.

Can the victim to offender cycle be broken?

“This cycle is repeated time and time again throughout the offender’s life and can only be broken by either the offender himself having the motivation to change or by exclusion from society, namely lifelong imprisonment.” (source)

Victim (2021) by The War on Drugs
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I’m a victim of my own desire
But I keep changing
Should I keep moving?

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  1. ana teodorescu-ion

    The desire for power gives birth to monsters. The victims are both the Ukrainian people and the Russian people. In Russia, poverty is high. In Ukraine, the damage is huge. More than 4 million Ukrainians have left the country for fear of war. On Sunday, the holy day of Orthodox Easter (both countries belong to the Orthodox Church) there will be two months of unjust war. Only God can do something, a miracle. The only solution is PEACE.


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