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Last Friday, an ex-girlfriend replied to my Al Capone’s kindness for weakness quote by stating: “I understand but you’re soooooooo sensitive”. She is right. Even my Chinese Western zodiac claims that in its 5th and last paragraph. I always wonder whether my sensitivity is a strength, a weakness or both.

Given the triangle of personality, attitude & behaviour, I also wonder whether I should tweak that character trait by changing my behaviour. An attitude of indifference would also be a solution. Nevertheless, in my view, the cure might be worse than the disease. I prefer being myself rather than wearing masks – again.

There’s another – scientific – explanation for her remark.

A 2022 Scientific American article has the following (i) title and (ii) subtitle: (i) Most of Us Combine Personality Traits from Different Genders, and (2) New research underscores that almost everyone’s personality blends “more often seen in men” and “more often seen in women” characteristics.

In 1996, Elaine Aron (b. 1944) published her book and subsequent website The Highly Sensitive Person. I suppose that I qualify because most of her questions result in my “yes”. Yet, I’ve never labelled myself as a HSP. I could also label myself as a clairvoyant but I won’t as I believe I’m not.

“According to the Arons and colleagues, people with high SPS make up about 15–20% of the population. Although some researchers consistently related high SPS to negative outcomes, other researchers have associated it with increased responsiveness to both positive and negative influences. Aron and colleagues state that the high-SPS personality trait is not a disorder.” (Wiki)

In my view, I have a strong link between my individual and universal consciousness (eg, my recent blog: “What is faith?”). That would also explain the above phenomena. This power is a blessing and a curse.

My latter remark may need some elaboration. The curse relates to my sensitivity, which is overwhelming at times. The blessing relates to its (daily) inspiration (eg, for writing these blogs).

The ultimate question is: do I believe that I should change myself? No.

I Don’t Want To Change You (2018) by Damien Rice
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