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Some people believe in sanctions. Others argue sanctions don’t work and hit the wrong people. What are the alternatives to sanctions? Essentially, sanctions are punishment for bad behaviour. Hence, there’s an analogy with parents (or schools) raising children: (1) reward, (2) punish, or (3) do nothing (a.k.a. condone).

Bad behaviour by children triggers various responses by their (and other) parents. Even young children understand that it helps them to divide their parents (eg, source). Some parents will condone when their children are out-of-control. Such parents are usually not very popular with other parents.

Corporal punishment for children (eg, Wiki) is not very popular amongst many parents (and lawmakers). Some parents still believe in a good spanking. Most do not. Parental sanctions have become more common towards nasty children (eg, home confinement, repossessing electronic gadgets).

To a large extent, military warfare has followed suit. Bad behaviour by countries triggers sanctions rather than a military response (ie, corporal punishment). Doing nothing equals neutrality (eg, my recent blog).

This comparison between countries and parents lacks a major consideration: parents love their children. Their parental love defines their response (ie, reward, punishment, do nothing). Love has two antonyms: hate and indifference (eg, my 2021 blog). Indifference is a common response to local wars.

Why did Europe and USA not condone the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine?

In my view, the Russian invasion of Ukraine equals betrayal of our trust in Russia.

For decades, Europe and USA relied upon comforting Russian words, until its deeds contradicted its words, and revealed Russian intentions.

See my blogs on Deeds, Words & Intentions.

This act of betrayal also implies that Europe and USA will not hold back to sanctions alone.

Latter remark explains the nervousness many people feel. If Russia doesn’t stop quickly in Ukraine, this regional war can and will escalate. It’s up to Russia to stop its president from starting a new World War. Europe and USA are no longer indifferent. Actually, it’s becoming harder and harder not to hate Russia.

I Won’t Hold You Back (1983) by Toto
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