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What exactly is the problem?

Just before I dozed off, a thought occurred to me: Why not both? What exactly is the problem? This thought refers to my Catch-22 dilemma as mentioned in my recent blog. Actually, I’m not so sure anymore whether I understand my own (dating) problem. In order to assist in my analysis, I prepared a diagram.

This diagram showed me the complexities of my doubt and fear, while I was hoping for a simple answer on Love. Also see my blogs on Doubt, Fear, Hope & Love.

My diagram features three simple questions that may well relate to the answer to my title’s question: is a match rooted in luck, chance or fate? Deep down, I believe it’s about fate and not chance or luck. I think, feel and believe that it’s about meeting “the right person, in the right place, at the right time“.

The next question is: should you assist fate (or chance or luck) by joining dating apps/sites? Statistically speaking, the answer appears to be a yes. Philosophically speaking, it might well be a no in case of fate. In case of chance or luck, you should date as often as possible to boost these. Some people indeed do that.

My diagram includes a hidden, implicit contradiction between input and output. If the output of a process is based on luck, chance or fate then why bother about the input and its variables?

While answering my own question, I’ve come full circle: what exactly is the problem?

Is It Love You’re After (1979) by Rose Royce
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Is it love you’re after
Or just a good time, tell me, baby
Is it love, love, love you’re after
Or just a good time

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