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The Big-small principle

The Big-small principle is my invention of many, many years ago. My principle works as follows: people who inflate their ego (eg, through arrogance) will often look petty and/or shallow in the eyes of others. Similarly, people who express humility to others, may appear impressive to those others.

While the big part of my principle relates to arrogance, the small part relates to two other concepts:
1. confident humility (eg, a 2019 book by Dan Kent, my 2021 blog);
2. vulnerability (my blogs).

I suppose that I’m not very good at humility because it didn’t – and still doesn’t – fit my role in life. Instead, I’ve “chosen” for vulnerability because it fits my character. Actually, I struggle with the word “chosen” because it wasn’t – and isn’t – a conscious choice. If there’s any choice then it’s subconscious.

I fail to understand why the Big-small principle is not a universal concept, while it seems so obvious. A Google search only reveals unrelated concepts, like the Little/Big principle and Think Big, but Start Small.

Actually, I got stuck at this point until my mind started wondering whether the micro vs macro perspective might be relevant here. A micro focus (eg, yourself) is usually very different from a macro perspective (eg, others). Perhaps, my Big-small principle is an application of the (universal) micro vs macro perspective.

The nature vs nurture debate (eg, my blogs) is probably relevant as well. I doubt that the Big-small principle is a given at birth (ie, nature). Our upbringing (ie, nurture) is probably quite relevant in our “choice”. Quite often, parents stimulate (i) boys to be more assertive (eg, in a group), and (ii) girls to be less assertive.

Last weekend, I learned that my Big-small principle is related to the Calimero principle, a.k.a. they are BIG and I’m small and scared.

BIG vs SMALL (video)

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