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Is there a problem??

Wednesday night, my potential significant other and I had another great conversation during which she stated: “Is there a problem??” I realised at once her words had a bearing on Thursday’s blog: What exactly is the problem? I laughed out loud following her wise words. I should have realised this.

My (dating) problem, if any, is time and space related: I can find her neither here nor now. That does not mean that she does not exist. The process goes slowly, and/but there is progress. Hence: is there a problem??

Former Possibly Maybe‘s did not meet my criteria but do I really know these criteria? Perhaps, the real “problem” is simple: do I know what/whom I want? No. I only know what/whom I do not want. Isn’t this phenomenon called learning?

Is learning about what/whom you need/want a problem? No. By definition, learning is quite often through the fundamental trial-and-error problem-solving method.

By now, you may start thinking: is he having a luxury problem? No. Not in my view. Luxury problems are about abundance and being unable to make a choice and decide. While stating this, I suddenly wonder whether dating apps and sites also provide an abundance of candidates, which leaves you undecided…..

Another line of criticism might be that I’m picky. Yes, I am. Is that a problem?? That entirely depends on your perspective: do you prioritize quality (if so, no) or quantity (if so, yes)?

If there is no rational urgent problem then why do I feel that I’m in a hurry finding someone??

At my age of 61, time has a habit of feeling that it runs faster than before. Suddenly, you get a notion that you may be running out of time. Nevertheless, my body may still run an additional 20-30 years. Hence, my relative notion about absolute time may thus be relevant in answering my blog title’s question.

Unlike U2, I may have found what/whom I’m looking for.

I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For (1987) by U2
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