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Interconnectedness (4)

My recent blog, the connection that men and women are looking for, made me wonder about connections (eg, how, what). In my view, everything is connected; a.k.a. interconnectedness. A micro perspective may refer to the Third Law of Motion by Isaac Newton: “for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction” (source).

A macro perspective on interconnectedness would show that “all disk galaxies rotate about once every billion years, no matter their size or mass” (Astronomy). “In the history of science, the clockwork universe compares the universe to a mechanical clock” (Wiki). A clock is a perfect example of interconnectedness.

When (two) people meet, they establish a connection and interconnect. Depending on how (well) they interact, that connection may last long or short. Often, we wonder why we meet people in our life. In my view, we meet to help – and/or learn from – each other. I think, feel and believe that is our species’ goal.

Like all components in a clock help each other to perform a joint function (ie, state the time), the joint function of the Universe might be to establish Life. From that perspective, it’s very unlikely that humans would be unique and a goldilocks species. Moreover, the Universe suggests a blueprint rather than randomness.

Interconnectedness might well be the very opposite of randomness. It’s hard to argue why anything would connect in case of randomness. To some extent, the rock paper scissors game comes to mind, which is a zero-sum game: either you win or lose, or the game ends in a tie.

In my view, matter connects through energy and the flow. Perhaps, energy and the flow are one and the same. Still, I separate both as the flow appears “passive” (eg, a road), while energy is “active” – by definition.

Example 1: Wi-Fi and/or the World Wide Web are like roads to endless possible connections because everything is connected through a network. Energy is like the ON/OFF switch that facilitates the connection.

Example 2: the six degrees of separation (eg, 1990 play, 1993 movie) as well as the six degrees of Kevin Bacon game. We are all connected after overcoming the six degrees of (eg, geographical) separation.

Example 3: planets are like matter, orbits are like the flow, and light is the energy that connects and facilitates.

Our sense of morality is probably a synonym for our awareness of this interconnectedness, including the Cause and Effect theory (a.k.a. Newton’s 3rd Law of Motion), and our notion that what goes around, comes around (eg, karma).

What Goes Around… Comes Around (2006) by Justin Timberlake
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