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Common sense, ignorance, stupidity and wisdom

For some months, I’ve been struggling in my mind how to connect four (4) seemingly different concepts: common sense, ignorance, stupidity, and wisdom. Recently, a conversation and discussion with a new friend offered some relief. She is still digesting the results of our conversation.

In my view, stupidity is a partial blind spot in our brain (eg, my 2021 blog, Psyche). Ignorance is either a voluntary or involuntary (near complete) lack of knowledge, which could be repaired over time. Hence, the space & time dimensions are – once again – relevant.

The aforementioned was enough reason to prepare a new diagram in which I placed all four concepts (ie, common sense, ignorance, stupidity and wisdom) over at least 2 axes: Space and Time. I realised that common sense and Wisdom required additional axes but which? Would Energy and Data / Matter be relevant again?

Both diagrams are the same and/but have subtle differences with regards to the appropriate dimensions:
– is stupidity related to the dimensions Energy and/or Time apart from Space?
– is ignorance related to the dimensions Space and/or Data / Matter apart from Time?
– is common sense related to the dimensions Energy and/or Time apart from Data / Matter?
– is wisdom related to the dimensions Data / Matter and/or Space apart from Energy?

My diagram also suggests that:
(i) common sense is the antonym for stupidity, and
(ii) wisdom is the antonym for ignorance.

Probably, my initial ‘alternative’ diagram is the most appropriate as it would reveal triangles, which shape seems to be the cornerstone of (very) many concepts.

The lack of positive and abundance of negative energy (eg, social media, technology) seems to have flipped the bias from common sense and wisdom towards ignorance and stupidity in our day and age.

Energy (2018) by Sampa The Great featuring Nadeem Din-Gabisi
artist, lyrics, video, Wiki-1, Wiki-2

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