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With Love (Amazon Prime Video)

30 December 2021



There’s a new five (!) episode TV series on Amazon Prime Video that I recommend watching: With Love (rated #7.7 following 706 ratings on IMDb). I rated this show with an 8.

I was afraid that it would be a telenovela, like Jane the Virgin, but fortunately it’s not. According to Amazon Prime Video, it’s a romantic dramedy rather than a romantic comedy. That’s a fair description.

Usually, I know enough about its quality after watching some 5 minutes. Well, this show gets you hooked almost immediately and not watching is not an option.

Season 1 follows an extended family on their joint five holidays: Christmas, New Year, Valentine’s Day, 4th of July, and Día de los muertos.

Every couple and single has her/his own romantic issues. These issues are relatable and will either trigger a smile or a tear. Hence, the word dramedy (ie drama-comedy).

The Spanish background (eg, Cuban, Dominican, Mexican) is a bonus although some Spanish words are not translated. Probably, this is on purpose in order to share the confusion of the show’s non-Spanish speakers.

Amazon Prime Video is free with an Amazon Prime delivery subscription, and vice versa. It’s the cheapest of all streaming video platforms but certainly not the worst. Amazon Prime Video has technical glitches (unlike Netflix) and has lots of rubbish (but less than Netflix).. This is another gem, like Red Oaks (my blog).

With Love (2021) official trailer by Amazon Prime Video

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