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I’ve mentioned doubt in various of my blogs (eg, Doubt-Fear-Hope-Love, self-doubt). Doubt seems so obvious that there appeared little to no need for explanation. I’m changing course. Please take a look at my current understanding of doubt:

First and foremost, doubt is output or an effect of a certain cause, while (any) Change is input that may (eventually) cause doubt in case of remaining uncertainties (external) or insecurities (internal).

Our conscious uses certain “filters” for arriving at a conclusion following any perceived change:

  1. No uncertainties, no insecurities: action and/or decision will be imminent.
  2. Uncertainties (external): either delay decision (wrong timing), or use of assumptions (lack of data).
  3. Insecurities (internal): either accept and decide, or no decision due to doubt and fear.
  4. Unknown change: either trust and decide, or no decision following distrust / mistrust.

The above-mentioned linear process (for each decision) is part of the (never-ending) cycle of Doubt, Fear, Hope & Love.

Uncertainties are part of life and nature and thus “normal” because we are used that we never ever have perfect information (eg, quote by Richard Feynman).

Insecurities are rooted in our nurture (eg, education, friends, religion, upbringing). Not everyone will develop these.

Not accepting our insecurities will cause doubt, then fear, then indecision.

Acceptance will cause hope (rather than fear) and decisions. Likewise, self-acceptance will result in self-love (ie, philautia; not narcissism).

Acceptance is the key to any solution. Else a fight or flight, or freeze or fawn response is all that remains.

Doubt (2015) by Mary J. Blige
artist, lyrics, video, Wiki-1, Wiki-2

[Chorus 1: Mary J. Blige]
I made it to the end
I nearly paid the cost
I lost a lot of friends
I sacrificed a lot
I’d do it all again
Cause I made it to the top
But I can’t keep doubting myself anymore
No, ooh, oh, oh
No, ooh, oh, oh
I can’t keep doubting myself, no (ooh, oh, oh)

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