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2021 Conceptual Framework

There has been a draft diagram in my Notes for many months. It felt appropriate to wrap up this year by drafting a 2021 Framework of my various concepts. The diagram below includes nearly all concepts of myself and of others (ie, Faith-Hope-Love, Sumerian, Zoroastrianism). This is the result.

My 2021 Conceptual Framework started with the 7 Belief systems (ie, 2015 original and 2019 update). It’s still the (blue) heart of this diagram. Slowly, adjacent concepts were connected to it, either mine or others:

  1. Faith, Beliefs & Willpower (vertical);
  2. Needs, Wants & Beliefs (horizontal collective development stages);
  3. Awakening & Wisdom (horizontal individual development stages);
  4. Doubt, Fear, Hope & Love (square);
  5. Love, Knowledge & Power (blue/green triangle);
  6. Trialism, dualism & monism (triangle above vs Knowledge = Power vs Power alone);
  7. Arrogance (Power) versus Ignorance (Knowledge);
  8. Human stupidity (eg, Albert Einstein, Carlo Cipolla);
  9. Cooperation versus competition;
  10. Deeds, Words, & Intentions (Zoroastrianism);
  11. Body, Mind & Soul (unknown);
  12. Divine soul / zaqiqu versus bodily spirit / eṭemmu (Sumerian);
  13. Energy vs Matter (science);
  14. Personality, Attitude & Behaviour (psychology).

I wish you all a happy, healthy & loving 2022. Take care and see you next year.


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